Are you confused? 

Do you feel lost and alone?

Do you feel like you are just barely holding it together? 

Are you afraid that if one more thing comes at you, you will fall apart?

Do you overreact sometimes only to feel flat or numb at other times?

Are you secretly afraid you have nothing to offer the world and your life is meaningless?


I have been there myself. I became a counsellor because counselling helped me and I met so many strong and vibrant people along the way who had endured terrible hardship. I know that we human beings have an amazing capacity to heal!


I work with Indigenous people and have worked in communities for ten years. The stories and teachings I received have enriched my life and they inform my counselling practice. I welcome the chance to treat you with the same respect and generosity that has been shown to me by your Elders, your frontline workers, your leaders and your youth.


I work with men who have experienced violence in any form and men who have used violence against others.


I work with men who were hurt as children and have learned to survive but maybe not yet learned to thrive. I work with fathers who want something different for their children than what they had.


    Colleen Stevenson registered clinical counsellor (RCC) in Victoria BC, individual and couples counselling

Contact me for a complimentary 20 minute consultation.

Evening and weekend appointments available

How I work

I want to understand what you are going through and what matters to you. I will listen generously and deeply. I will ask questions, diagram, sketch and reflect what I hear so I can "get it." And I will invite you to correct me if I don't "get it."
Looking at reality
Together we will get clear on what can change and what cannot change. On the side of change, we will look for supports and mentors; we will break it down into steps and prioritize. On the side of what cannot change we will do the work of acceptance.
We will look for ways you can connect with others (people alive or past, places, animals), connect with what you care about – your sense of purpose, your beliefs, commitments and values - and connect with yourself so you can learn to count on your own friendship.

Thoughts and Ponderings

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Visual Counselling: Using Illustration in Sessions

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Visual counselling: Visual notes and diagrams on the spot

I am offering a couple of examples based on actual sketches I have used in session. All of the content has been changed, of course, to honour my clients’ confidentiality. Click here to see examples of illustrations used in counselling sessions. My client came in saying she was really feeling “the blues.” After hearing her […]

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