Men’s Trauma

Have you had overwhelming experiences, where you could not cope? Does it feel like it could happen again at any moment? This can mean that you don’t feel safe, even when you know logically that you are safe. It can mean that you feel tense, agitated and on guard all the time. It can mean you have trouble concentrating, you withdraw from your friends and your family and you can feel out of touch with your own body. Maybe you react really strongly to things that other people disregard. Maybe your reactions are so strong you feel out of control. Or maybe you feel numb and cannot muster the energy to respond, even when you want to.

If this sounds like you we can talk.


Men Who Have Used Violence

If you have been violent, it can be really hard to look at that part of yourself without condemning all parts of yourself. Here I am guided by the words of lawyer and social justice activist Bryan Stevenson:

“Each of us is more than the worst thing we’ve ever done.”

All of us are complex; all of us have more than one side to ourselves. I will help you both take accountability and remember the parts of yourself that want to live peacefully and with kindness.


Issues Facing Indigenous People

I have worked in Indigenous communities for ten years. My work has been to listen deeply, reflect back and depict people’s strengths, dreams and struggles in ways that resonate with them. This work has shaped my life and was a central part of my decision to become a counsellor. Time and again I was humbled and touched by the generosity, the wisdom and the strength of my clients who had been through terribly painful experiences. Many have shared traditional teachings with me and I cherish these and turn to them for guidance on a daily basis.

I can work with you, not as an expert in your life or your culture – you are the expert in your life – but as someone who has learned through listening to Elders, young people, leaders and community members talk about the challenges they face.

I am also a mental health provider with the First Nations Health Authority (FNHA). Please contact me by email to discuss the possibility of funding for your counselling sessions.




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