Visual Counselling

Illustrative Counselling and Visual Coaching

Visual counselling is simply using quick sketches, diagrams and illustrations during counselling sessions to help clarify a situation, set goals for moving forward and imagine what could be possible.

*Click here to see an in-depth description of two simple in-session sketches used with clients (all content changed).

** Click here to see an in-depth description and discussion of using illustration in sessions.

Victoria Counselling and Therapy Services Through Visual Coaching
Victoria Counselling and Therapy Services Through Visual Coaching

Visual counselling lets you see the bigger picture.

There is that old saying is that “Sometimes we cannot see the forest for the trees.” Visual counselling can help you see the forest again. If you feel overwhelmed, caught up in the details or pushed from crisis to crisis, visual counselling can help you tackle one challenge at a time. By seeing all the components of the “forest” you can see where best to put your focus. You can see which factors in your life can change and which factors cannot change. You can see what is helping and what is hindering you. And you can see who you might want to call in (whether in person or through their books or stories or teachings) to help you.

Visual Counselling clarifies the direction you want to take

Sometimes we feel like a sailboat without a rudder – lost, battering by each wave and completely off course. Visual counselling can help you build yourself a rudder. It can help you get clear about what you care about and set a direction for your life. Once you are clear, it is so much easier to decide on a course of action and to discern what will help you on that path and what will hinder you on that path.

Visual Counselling can help you to imagine new possibilities 

If you want to change, you have to have some belief, some small vision of a different life. Using visuals, we can start to build on that vision, making it richer and fuller and getting your imagination involved. Once you start imagining that things could be different then you can use your creativity – you can create a fuller life.

In-Depth Visual Counselling: A love letter from yourself to yourself

On a more in-depth level, visual counselling can encompass a longer session where I act as your scribe and create a beautiful mural for you using inks, calligraphy and illustrations. After the mural is complete, you take it home so that you have a piece of art that can

  • highlight your goodness and all the hard work you have done
  • remind you of your goals
  • inspire you when things get challenging
  • reorient you when you feel off track
  • simplify and fortify your values, commitments and purpose
  • help you tell your story
  • honour the people who came before you – your Ancestors and all the great ones that have inspired you

Here is an example of a mural, shared with permission.Please note that this work is a reflection of one person’s circumstances and yours would be unique to you. Here the client has brought in poems and quotes to use as reminders and imagines the journey like this:

Victoria Counselling and Therapy Services Through Visual Coaching

Victoria Counselling and Therapy Services Through Visual Coaching

First though…

This process can stir a lot of unexpected emotion. This is an excellent tool to use and I want to make sure you feel safe and that you trust me before we do a deep dive into a mural. I recommend that we have between 3 – 5 sessions before we embark on this sort of a journey. Then I will have a sense of what might be really upsetting for you so that we can go slowly and with care, and I will have a sense of when to gently challenge you. And you will be used to my style and language and you will have had some sessions and be used to sitting with that feeling of being vulnerable and open with me.

If this work is of interest to you please let me know and we can discuss.